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About Lewis County District 2


  • May 10, 1947. Formed by a vote of the people by special election.

  • May 2, 1958. Toledo Community Ambulance was licensed to operate.

  • February 3, 1986. Became a separate entity from the City of Toledo.

  • Currently known as Lewis County Fire District 2.

Lewis County Fire District 2 is governed by three elected commissioners which serve for a six-year term. Commissioners are responsible for governing the operations and financial determinations of the district.


Daily operations are managed by a full-time District Chief, three full-time Firefighter/EMT’s, and a full-time District Secretary.

Currently on average the district has fifteen to twenty volunteers who donate their time to serve the citizens of Toledo and outlying areas.














Lewis County Fire District 2 extends over ninety-eight square miles and is inhabited by approximately 5,400+ residences.

There are three fire stations to best serve the citizens of Toledo. Main station located in downtown Toledo, Station two on Tucker Road and Station three on Evans Road.


In July of 2022, District 2’s main station transitioned to a twenty-four-hour facility with the hiring of three Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technicians.

In April of 2023, Toledo contracted out its Advance Life Support from Winlock providing twenty-four-hour coverage of a Firefighter/Paramedic Existing space of administrative offices was consolidated to provide sleeping quarters and living space.

Currently at the main station, the bay space to house our apparatus and equipment exceed the available space for storage of equipment. As we look towards the next ten years, we are adjusting our comprehensive plan to accommodate for our existing and future needs of equipment, facilities, personnel, and storage space. Our response times are directly affected by our ability to access apparatuses and equipment not stored at the main response location.

District 2 evaluates all assets, equipment and facilities on a yearly basis and adjusts the replacement schedule as needed. The district strives to pre-plan all capital expenditures like the purchase of apparatuses and other equipment with capital funds to avoid financing and interest rates. We also research alternative funding opportunities and submit applications for available grants. Some grants we have successfully been awarded in the past have been from the Department of Natural Resources, Federal Emergency Management Agency and West Region Emergency Services.


Our district prioritizes its involvement within the community we serve with safety education. Some examples are free CPR classes to Toledo residents, conducting multiple safety field trips to our elementary students, and hosting open houses, and senior citizen interaction during health fairs and community activities.

Our Volunteer Firefighters Association provides basic life support first aid kits to the community, senior and youth centers, meals kit and temporary assistance to individuals who have experienced loss from a call response, and provides an annual scholarship to a graduating Toledo senior.

Thank you for your continued support as we experience growth in our community.

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Historical Photos

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Lewis County Fire District 2
Service Area Map

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