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Fire Chief  Mike Dorothy

For the last 31 years, Fire Chief Mike Dorothy has been a part of Lewis County Fire District 2. Starting his firefighting career at District 2 1991, Chief Dorothy spent the next 25 years responding to calls as a volunteer while working full time as an automotive mechanic. When the position for Fire Chief at Lewis County District 2 opened up, he had already been serving as the volunteer Assistant Chief for 15 years. With years of training and experience and the passion to serve his community, Mike Dorothy was honored to be awarded the position of Fire Chief of Lewis County Fire District 2 in 2016.

Chief Dorothy is a native to Lewis County, as he has lived in throughout the Winlock/Toledo area his entire life. Graduating from South Puget Sound Community College, Chief Dorothy spent 26 years as an automotive mechanic while raising two daughters, Brittany and Katelyn, with this wife Tammy. They are also proud grandparents to six grandchildren.

Lewis County Fire District 2 has been around for nearly 80 years. Never in its history has it had around the clock EMT/Firefighters stationed there. In 2022, Chief Dorothy was pleased to announce to the citizens of Toledo and surrounding areas, that District 2 was now providing 24/7 service by employing three full-time EMT/Firefighters and building a bunk room inside the station for their living quarters. It has been a long-time goal for Chief Dorothy and District 2 to be able to provide this service, as it dramatically effects response time when a call is dispatched to the station.

As Lewis County and Toledo expand, Chief Dorothy is always looking ahead so that District 2 can be proactive about how the growth of the community will impact the station. When population increases, it is imperative that District 2 has the adequate amount of man-power to meet the needs of the citizens. Currently, District 2 has roughly fifteen active volunteers to provide assistance on emergency calls, but Chief Dorothy is always looking for and welcoming any local resident that wants to become a volunteer.

Chief Dorothy strives to be a positive influence to his community. His goal is to always provide the best emergence service to the citizens of Lewis County. He is grateful for all the support that District 2 receives from its community.

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