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The Toledo Fire Department is devoted to protecting lives and property by providing professional emergency services for our community, it's visitors and neighbors with compassion, courtesy, and integrity. 

Public Announcements

ALS Service Agreement:

Effective April 1, 2023, Lewis County Fire District 2 and Lewis County Fire District 15 have signed the ALS Service Agreement, which supplies District 2 with Paramedic services. District 15's paramedics will rotate shifts and be housed at District 2 to provide 24/7 coverage.


Fall & Winter Weather Safety Notice:

With the upcoming forecast of rain, wind and possible snow, we need to stay educated on how to be safe on the roads. Click the link below for safety tips.


" I am pleased to announce that as of Monday, August 1st, 2022, our station has a Fire Fighter/EMT on duty 24/7. Never in our history have we had the ability to provide this around-the-clock service to our community. When it comes to emergency response, every minute counts, and now we have the opportunity to close that gap even more from the moment we get the call to when we arrive on scene. 

As of now, we have 3 full time Fire Fighter/EMTs employees, a full time Fire Chief and roughly 15 volunteer. We have also just completed the renovations to our station to provide comfortable living quarters for our first responders. 

Lewis County Fire District 2 would like to say "Thank you!" to our citizens for their overwhelming support that's given to us."  


- Chief Dorothy


ALERT — Lewis County Fire District #2 does not recommend nor endorse any private home safety companies.

Lewis County Fire District #2 does not phone solicit for funds to support your local fire department.





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Contact Us

150 North 2nd Street  Toledo, Washington, USA

Administration: (360) 751-7117

Fire Chief: (360) 864-2366

Fax: (360) 262-1667

Emergency: 911

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